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Monthly Archive: May 2019

Planning A Perfect And Unique Wedding To Bind Your Love

Love is something that we all want and need because no one can live without love and care in this world. While we get our first love from our parents and then our family, it continues to evolve as we are growing up little by little. Love in our life evolves from family to friends and then romantic love is something that may come in to our life. If you are lucky enough to find true love and you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, then you do not have a reason to wait any longer to get married! Marriage is a bond of love not just between two people in love but also between two families as well. Anyone who is hoping to get married in the soon to be future would want their marriage to happen in a special and unique manner. Here is a guide to plan a perfect, unique dream wedding to bind your love in the best way. 

Take a risk!

We are always trying to live life the way we should and this often leads to us avoiding any kind of risk. Life without taking a risk or two is rather boring and not something we want so instead of arranging your marriage to happen in a church or chapel, think of a unique way for it to take place. For instance unique weddings Blue Mountain or better weddings can be the risk that you have been waiting for all your life! Beautiful scenery, stunning views and mesmerizing photos are all waiting for you at Blue Mountains!

Have a celebrant

When you are planning for unique weddings Blue Mountains, with the help of a professional service you can make sure to do something even more special and that is to hire a celebrant. Some might think twice about having a celebrant at their wedding but this is a way to make sure your wedding is actually something unique. A celebrant can make sure to reflect on both you and your spouse’s personalities during the marriage ceremony and they can also initiate any ritual you might want, such as hand fasting or anything else you want.

Photography of the big day

Whether you are hoping to have an extravagant marriage ceremony with family and friends or whether you were hoping to make it a smaller wedding, photography is still relevant and important. To have photos that will help you look back on the happiest day of your life is so important to do!

The Reasons Why You Should Laugh Often

You may have heard that laughter is the best medicine. This is why to feel good, we find ourselves looking for comedy movies, or having a good laugh on many internet videos we can watch. But the wonders that laughter can give is not limited to that. Here are some more of the advantages of laughter and why it is definitely good for you.

Health benefits

And this is why laughter is considered to be among the best meds, as it is actually and literally good for one’s health. For one, it helps produce endorphins in your brains, which are important chemicals that provide general well-being. Also, laughing can help improve the work of your immune system, which can make you less vulnerable from diseases. Not only that, laughing can help avoid the risk of heart attack, reduces blood pressure levels, and minimize the stress you feel.

Improve state of mind

Not only does laughter relieve you of physical stress, it is also better for your mental well-being, a well-known natural anti-depressant. As laughter helps in the release of more endorphins, it maintains the chemical balance in your brain. Laughter is proven to give you a more positive life outlook, which is beneficial in coping up through hard times like with unwanted emotions such as grief and anger. It keeps you more relaxed and prevent an outburst of negative feelings like frustration and anxiety.

Burns calories

As a matter of fact, when you laugh, you require some muscles move which can actually help you burn more calories. Though it’s not as much as when you walk or jog, it’s still a good thing to burn at least a hundred of those calories for an hour of laughing. And no, you shouldn’t skip exercise just because you laugh often, although a visit to a comedy theatre Sydney will not be a bad decision, you may even reward yourself by watching good stand up comedy.

Helps socialize

Laughter is kind of a universal language, no matter what the dialect or origin of one person to another, laughter is not some difficult gesture or custom to understand. It is also a good ice breaker for many tense moments which could prevent the bad aftermath of a heated argument. In fact, it is also used by many advertisers as humor is one of the best ways to catch your attention. Laughter connects people, and a little humor does not hurt in a discussion.